Teacher’s Day Tribute


Teachers play an important role in motivating and inspiring students to pursue a dream. The things they teach us, it goes beyond what they write in their lesson plan, so for all the teachers/superheroes, I would like to greet you all, a happy teacher’s day. 

I’d like to give special shoutouts to those who have truly touched my heart.

First on my list is my adviser in grade school, Ms. Dolores Villanueva. I am forever in her debt for introducing me to writing. I recall the days when she would call me from her table at the back of the classroom, to point out all the grammatical errors and misspelled words I’ve committed. She would say, “Duguan ka nanaman,” and hand me a paper filled with glaring red marks. She was strict. The kind of strict you would not dare mess around with.

My favorite memory of her was when I was in 6th grade. I have been joining writing contests since grade four and she has always been my mentor. I got so used to joining writing competitions, that I started slacking on the preparations. Needless to say, I became arrogant.

On the day of the competition, I was more concerned with finishing the essay first, than doing it really well. Out came the results, and I was last on the list. Normally, the District Young Writer’s Contest would have four competing schools, that year they only had three, which automatically advances everyone to the next level. (Thank God).

While my other senior colleagues were grabbing first place, I was alone in the third spot. Ms. Dolores, or Ms. Dolly as others would fondly call her didn’t say anything. Instead of being sardonic, she focused on training us all harder. Together with my teammates, we would go home later than usual. I promised myself that this time, I will do my best to make her proud. When the Division Young Writer’s contest released their list of winners, I was so happy that I placed first out of at least twenty students from Metro Manila. This win propelled me to the regionals, earning me an Outstanding Student of Makati medal. I never got around saying thank you to  Ma’am Dolly for being such a huge blessing in my life.

Second is my Science teacher, Ms. Rio Reyes. I remember her not just because she had me master the periodic table of elements, but also because she’s kind-hearted. Funny how she admitted she didn’t like me during freshman year because I was talkative in class, considering I was the president. She’s definitely one of the most patient people I’ve ever met. I’ve always liked Science, but she made me love it because she’s the teacher. She’s a living proof that personal and professional relationship can coexist. 

Next is Ms. Irma Mutuc. I haven’t seen her in a proper classroom setup but I get a strong feeling that I’m going to love her if I had been her student. She’s a professor in U.P. Diliman but works as a part-time Senior Editor in a publication where I used to work as an Editorial Coordinator and Writer. I wouldn’t forget the first article I wrote that she edited. She sat me down and had me explain the whole thing. Turns out my article was vomiting with complex sentences – a common mistake beginners usually make. She’s intelligent but not ‘intimidating-intelligent’. The kind of lady I aspire to be.

Last but definitely not the least is my aunt, Lourlie Gierran. She’s an elementary teacher in Sergio Osmeña Elementary School in Davao del Sur. What strikes me the most is her generosity towards her students. She never hesitates to give what she has. Her love for her own children reflects in the treatment she gives to her students. No wonder why her co-teachers admire and respect her. 

To Ma’am Dolores Villanueva, Ma’am Rio Reyes, Ma’am Irma Mutuc, Ma’am Lourlie Gierran, and to all the passionate teachers, Happy Teacher’s Day! 🙂


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